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Additional Services

With the convenience of cash and the security of a card, VISA Travel Cards are the perfect funding option.

VISA Prepaid Reloadable TravelMoney Cards

  • Card Fee $8.00 Each
  • Cards are instantly issued at the bank
  • Accepted at over 20 million VISA locations worldwide
  • Can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash
  • Accepted by merchants as a POS PIN based transaction
  • Online ability to review transactions, change your PIN, check balances, & add funds
With the convenience of cash and the security of a card, VISA Gift Cards are the perfect funding option.

VISA Instant Issue Gift Cards

  • Card Fee $4.00 Each
  • Accepted anywhere VISA debit cards are welcome
  • Safer than cash as the unused portion can be replaced if card is lost or stolen
  • Ready for use immediately after card is sold & activated
The wire instructions are as follows:

Wire to: Midwest Independent Bank
910 Weathered Rock Road
Jefferson City, MO 65110

ABA: 086505273
Credit to: Wahoo State Bank
Account No: 750072

Further credit to:__________________________________________________
(beneficiary name)
Account number:__________________________________________________
(beneficiary account number)

*The beneficiary is the customer of Wahoo State Bank.
Store Your Valuable Items
Safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes, and it take two keys to open your safe deposit box. Our representative uses the bank’s guard key in conjunction with you key.
It takes both of these keys used together to gain access to your box.

Box Sizes & Fees
While all boxes are 18 inches deep, height and width dimensions range from 3x5 inches to 10x10 inches. Annual fee range from $10 to $50, depending on the box size.

Payment Options
You may authorize us to automatically charge you Wahoo State Bank account when the annual rental fee is due. If you do not choose to take advantage of this service, you will receive a reminder notice before the fee is due.

Lost Keys
When you lease a safe deposit box, you will be issued two keys. Should you lose one, notify Wahoo State Bank in writing immediately as specified in the terms and conditions of your safe deposit box lease. There will be a charge for the replacement key.
Take care of your foreign currency exchange before you leave town, so you'll be ready with the buying power you need when you reach your destination. At Wahoo State Bank, we can help to remove some of the stress in planning your next travel abroad. Our currency exchange process is simple and quick so you can travel worry free.

Service Details:

  • Order or sell up to 70 different types of paper currency
  • Ordered currency will arrive at the bank in 1-3 business days, based on availability
  • Order delivery charge may apply
  • Receive real-time rate quotes based on current rates

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