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Our Mission

The mission of Wahoo State Bank is to be the premiere financial services firm in the markets it serves.

To achieve its mission, Wahoo State Bank must have the highest quality leadership from all levels of management, technical expertise superior to competitors, and commitment and dedication by all employees to our key values.

These key values for Wahoo State Bank must be ingrained in its culture and embodied in all its activities:

  • Profit Orientation driven by performance to provide an optimum return to shareholders.
  • Safety and Soundness for our depositors to ensure the security of the depositors’ dollars.
  • Customer Focus to ensure that meeting the needs and goals of our customers is achieved.
  • People Development to be fostered because Wahoo State Bank recognizes it is only as good as its people—those who strive for excellence, teamwork, creativity, and hard work.
  • Community Involvement to provide leadership and investment in the civic, political, and cultural aspects of our community.
  • Delegation of Authority to ensure that decisions are made where they are made most effectively while maintaining control and supervision through open communication and shared values.
  • Innovation to be encouraged as a catalyst for leadership in the marketplace.
  • Credit Granting Processes to reflect an uncompromising approach to quality.
  • Quality to be the “hallmark” of everything we do without limit to products, services, people or facilities.

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The Go Club

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