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Wahoo State Bank

Support Local

Supporting Your Local Economy


1. Learn about local businesses.  Explore Wahoo and all we have to offer by checking out all our fun places to shop, bank, eat and play! Click here for more information!

2. Shop locally. Make shopping local a part of your routine; once you go to a store often you will start to recognize familiar faces. Local grocery stores can have locally produced items or food you would not find at big stores out of town. Local services are often cheaper when you go local as well. There are a vast variety of small businesses around town that offer help with small engine repair, mechanics, lawn services and so on; with people that are more than willing to help!

3. Eat Locally. Everyone likes to eat and Wahoo offers several different types of restaurants to choose from! 

4. Bank Locally. A great way to keep your money in the community is to actually keep your money at your local bank. The rates and fees at a local bank are typically better. Community banks offer better customer service, recognize your name and take the time to answer your questions. Community banks help local people and businesses with loans which helps the community thrive. 


Why Shopping Local Matters


1. Stronger Economy. When you support local businesses you support local workers. A lot of businesses will hire people from the community to help them operate.

2. Closer Community. It really is nice to see familiar faces when you are out running errands and it gives you a chance to get to know people better. When you start to know people it makes it possible to exchange favors and make some friends! 


3. Cleaner Environment. When you are not driving so far and are able to walk you create less pollution and traffic. 


4. Better Health. If you are able to run errands by walking around town it provides a good source of exercise while you are able to get things done as well! 


5. Great Place to Live. Supporting local businesses makes the town of Wahoo a better place to live.