What is the Wahoo State Bank's "Go Club?"

The "Go Club" is for very special people and that's what you are at Wahoo State Bank. As our loyal, long-term customers you are the apple of our eye and we want to reward you with unique banking privileges. Additionally we offer you the opportunity to participate in a variety of social activities. If you are age 55 or better, you are eligible to join in the fun.

What Benefits Will You Receive By Being A 'Go Club" Member?

Checking With Interest and No Service Charge. No per debit fee, no minimum balance required and you can write as many checks as you want. Interest paid on average monthly balance of $500 or more.

Free Personalized Checks: You will receive an initial complimentary order of our special "Go Club" checks personalized with your name and address at no charge. (One box - 150 checks.)

Free Notary Service

Direct Deposit of Pension and Retirement Checks: Let Wahoo State Bank deposit your check directly into your account--it's safe, it's easy and it will be there when you need it!

Financial Counseling: A Personal Banker can assist you with any questions you may have.

Free Christmas Money Gift Envelopes (limit five).

Social Activities: A variety of social activities will be offered free or at discounted prices throughout the year. Card parties, movies, bingo, holiday festivities, and educational seminars are among some of the activities offered.

Special Events: Chartered bus tours of one day or longer to dinner theaters, stage shows and many other activities will be planned for Wahoo State Bank "Go Club" members throughout the year at discount prices.

Newsletter: A newsletter will be distributed to all "Go Club" members announcing upcoming activities, trips and special bank services.

How Can I Become a Member?

Open a "Go Club" Checking Account. No minimum balance required.......and

Pay a monthly "Go Club" membership Fee of $5.00 per individual or $8.00 per couple. Membership is free if your total deposits in all Wahoo State Bank accounts is more than $5,000.

Additional Benefits:

Additional benefits are extended to those "Go Club" Plus & Premium Members who maintain a $5,000.00 combined average balance in checking, savings and/or certificate of deposit accounts.

Go Club Plus - $5,000 to $14,999
The "Go Club" membership fee is waived

Go Club Premium - $15,000 and over
Unlimited Free Personalized Checks: You will receive our special "Go Club" checks personalized with your name and address at no charge.
Free Copying Service: Limited to ten copies per month.
Safe Deposit Box Discount of $3.00 per year
Free Faxes (Inside U.S. only).
Free Christmas Money Gift Envelopes (unlimited).
No Fee Stop Payments
Free Social Activities
Free Wire Transfers

Your invitation into a world of fun, friendship and life enriching activities...together with the very best in today's banking services. Come join the fun. Join the Wahoo State Bank "Go Club" today!

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