Wahoo derived its name from the Indian word meaning "burning bush." A shrub called Euonymus, once grew along the banks of the Wahoo Creek and was the favorite medicinal plant of the Otoe Indian tribe. The first settlement was made by Moses Stocking in 1865 and the Saunders County seat was established in Wahoo in 1873.

Wahoo Facts:

Wahoo is the County Seat of Saunders County Nebraska. Wahoo has a population of about 4,000 friendly people and Saunders County numbers about 19,000. Wahoo High School possesses the 3rd longest basketball winning streak in the nation at 114 games. Wahoo is served by the Union Pacific Railroad. All north/south streets are named after trees. Wahoo is the home town of five famous sons, Howard Hanson, a 1944 Pulitzer Price-winning composer; "Wahoo Sam" Crawford, a 1957 Baseball Hall of Fame member; George Beadle, 1959 Nobel Prize winner in genetics; Clarence Anderson, world-famous artist; and Darryl F. Zanuck, internationally-known movie producer and cofounder of 20th Century Fox studios. Wahoo has the only submarine memorial in the United States at the Saunders County Courthouse.

Wahoo Parks & Recreation:

Wahoo recreation facilities include a new zero entry outdoor aquatic center,, baseball and softball diamonds, five city parks as well as a private golf course.  The city owned Civic Center offers recreation and sports leagues for children and adults. The facility houses an Olympic-sized indoor pool, weight room, fitness equipment, and racquetball courts.

Lake Wanahoo:

Lake Wahahoo is a beautiful lake, operated by Nebraska Game & Parks. It opened in spring, 2012. Recreational opportunities include fishing, no-wake boating, tent and RV camping, hiking/biking, picnicking, and more.

Saunders Medical Center: 

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new $22 million facility was held in November of 2005 with construction immediately following. This $22 million facility was opened in October of 2007.  Saunders Medical Center (SMC) remains a county-owned facility. The campus includes the hospital, clinic, rehabilitation and therapy services, diagnostic services, pharmacy and long-term care facility.

Wahoo Schools:

Wahoo has two school systems, Wahoo Public School system and the Saunders County Catholic School System.  The public school system includes Wahoo Elementary School, Wahoo Middle School and Wahoo High School. The Catholic School system includes St. Wenceslaus Elementary School in Wahoo, St. John Nepomucene Elementary School in Weston, NE and Bishop Neumann Jr./Sr. High School in Wahoo. Both high schools are NSAA Class C-1 schools.

Bishop Neumann Jr./Sr. High School

St. John Nepomucene Elementary School

St. Wenceslaus Elementary

Wahoo High School

Wahoo Middle School

Wahoo Elementary School

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