City Hall and Post Office at the Turn of the Century


Wahoo -- 5th & Linden -- looking West


Brodball Mill on Wahoo Creek





Christmas on the Prairie by Vculek Photography


Christmas on the Prairie by Vculek Photography


Christmas Crossing


Original bank building built in 1880




1999 Good Phil Oil Company

2000 Brau Pharmacy

The pharmacy was at the corner of 5th and Linden, where the Masonic Lodge and Lucille's Gift Shop are currently located.

2001 Downtown Bank

Wahoo State Bank building decorated for the holidays.

2002 Drive Up Bank

The historical Saunders County Courthouse provides the backdrop for Wahoo State Bank's Driveup Bank.

2003 Wahoo School Parade

1930's Wahoo School Days Parade passing in front of Wahoo State Bank at 5th and Linden.

2004 Wahoo City Hall

Wahoo City Hall from 1890-1958 located at the corner of 6th and Broadway.




Wahoo State Bank is proud of it's family-owned and operated tradition, serving our community as the premier hometown bank in Wahoo for 75 years.

2008 Calendar
Float in Wahoo Parade

Wahoo State Bank staff proudly shows off the 75th Anniversary Float they designed and built for the 2007 Saunders County Fair Parade, August 2, 2007. (taken from the 2008 calendar)




Wahoo’s 118’ Water Tower located on the north edge of town proudly displays the town’s patriotism. The design was created through a contest sponsored by the Utilities Dept. 486 resident’s responded and 325 chose the Flag. It was completed in 2007. Photo provided by JEO, courtesy Harry Weddington, photography.


Wahoo State Bank employees outside the main bank with this year's float entry in the Saunders County Fair Parade emphasizing "Go Green with Wahoo State Bank". Customers are encouraged to "Go Green" and Reuse, Reduce & Recycle with paperless electronic based bank services.


Wahoo State Bank employees proudly pictured with their Float at the 2012 Saunders County Parade with the theme "I Lov My Community Bank"


Lake Wanahoo opened April 28, 2012. Nearly 70% of all Nebraskans live within 65 miles of the state's newest lake. The lake project totals 1,777 acres, including the 662-acre lake, 74 camper pads, 60 camping sites, 4 miles of trails and picnic shelters. Aerial photo's by Vculek Photography, Wahoo, NE.

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